Near West Side Safety & Security

Near West Side Partners believes that safety and security is vital to sustaining and revitalizing the Near West Side. Working closely with the District 3 Community Prosecution Unit — led by an Assistant District Attorney — NWSP collaborates daily with the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), government agencies and community-based organizations to improve the quality of life in the Near West Side through intervention strategies that reduce crime and prevent domestic violence. Read on for important resources and information on NWSP’s safety and security initiatives.


See Something, Say Something

If you witness criminal activity, an accident or suspicious behavior in the community, help make a difference by reporting it to MPD District 3.

If you witness an accident or emergency, dial 911.

Non-emergencies can be reported to (414) 933-4444.

For additional information, please refer to the contact guide, or visit the monthly Crime & Safety Meeting held on the last Thursday of every month.


Check out this short video on additional tips to complete a Hot Spot form.

MPD Hot Spot Forms

MPD collects complaints about crime and suspicious behavior using Hot Spot sheets that provide details on criminal or nuisance activities witnessed by community members. Follow the steps below to complete and submit a Hot Spot form.

Step 1. Download the Hot Spot form by clicking here. You can type directly in the form,

Step 2. Complete the Hot Spot form by providing as much information as you can. Investigations are like a puzzle and information like a partial license plate number can help.
Remember to save the form on your computer before moving on to the next step!

Step 3. Submit the Hot Spot form by attaching it to an email to
or drop it off at MPD District Three headquarters or the MPD Waypoint in the Near West Side.

Other Safety Resources


Safety Ambassadors

The Safety Ambassadors connect with Near West Side residents and businesses daily to address safety concerns and share neighborhood resources. In addition to regular business checks and resident communications, the Ambassadors conduct weekly sweeps to address litter and trash issues, and support events like the Farmers Market, Brat for your Thoughts, and Gallery Nights. When you see the Ambassadors in the community, stop and say “hello”!


Landlord Compact

Near West Side Landlord Compact meetings are a place for multi-unit property owners to connect, learn about best practices, and address nuisance properties. Representatives from the Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services, Near West Side Safety Ambassadors, the City Attorney and the District Attorney provide updates and resources for dealing with nuisance properties and challenging tenants. Learn more about the meetings and sign-up for monthly reminders here.


Clean & Green Sweeps

NWSP works to ensure that our neighborhoods are clean, green and inviting for residents and visitors. Our Community & Safety Outreach Specialist and Ambassadors work to identify and remove litter and trash. We encourage residents to help by reporting tires, furniture or other dump sites to the City of Milwaukee using City of Milwaukee using the Milwaukee Mobile Service Request App. Download the app and join the cause by following the steps below to file a New Report.

Step 1. From the Home screen click “File a New Report”.

Step 2. Choose a report category from the list.

Step 3. Enter all mandatory report fields marked with a star. All reports require a location to be entered.

Step 4. Once all mandatory fields have been entered click Submit. The report will be submitted and will appear under “My Reports”.


Small Business Safety Guide

The Near West Side Safety Working Team developed the Small Business Safety Guide to help small businesses implement best practices to improve safety and security of their properties and the neighborhood. The guide shares commonly accepted best practices to address security challenges, and includes a reference section, which businesses may use for further advice on particular security and safety situations.