About the NWS BID #10

Near West Side Business Improvement District (BID) #10 serves the 350+ businesses along the Near West Side’s 5 major commercial corridors. In 2016, the NWS BID #10 expanded to encompass the entire Near West Side of Milwaukee to enable us to bring our successful work to all Near West Side businesses.

Among other efforts, your BID works to:

  • Strengthen our neighborhood and businesses

  • Promote and market the area's many assets

  • Improve the overall appearance and image of the Near West Side business corridors

  • Develop and implement crime reduction and safety strategies

Business Toolkit

Visit our Business Toolkit page to learn about the resources that are available to you as you start or invest in your new business in the Near West Side.

NWS BID #10 Meetings & Events

Visit our events calendar and follow NWSP on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and meetings.


If you've been a part of the BID in the past, you'll benefit from our enhanced resources and footprint. If you are part of the newly expanded area, welcome! You will find that being a member of the BID provides many benefits to your business and the community in which you operate. Some key initiatives are:

  • A cleaner, safer and more attractive business district

  • Steady and reliable funding provided through assessments of member businesses that support supplemental services and programs

  • The potential to increase property values, improve sales, and decrease commercial vacancy rates

As a member of the NWS BID #10, you help support - and benefit from - a wide range of programs that help us establish and enhance our commercial corridors, including:

  • Camera Asset Mapping

  • Façade Grants

  • Signage Programs

  • Business Promotions

  • Networking/Community Connections

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Architectural Support

  • Small Business Loans


We encourage you to complete the NWS BID #10 Welcome Registration to let us know how we can best serve you in the year ahead.

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

Under Wisconsin law (Wis. Stat. s66.608), business property owners can petition the City to form a Business Improvement District in their community. The BID provides a mechanism for property owners to voluntarily assess themselves to pay for programs that will revitalize or improve their shared community, increase property value and make the area safer and more attractive to customers, employees and visitors. The BID is governed by a board of directors, made up of representatives from among the property owners, that help to prioritize the programs that will have the greatest positive impact on the area served. 

NWS BID #10 Board of Directors:


  • Richard (Rick) Wiegand - Wiegand Enterprises / Ambassador Hotel (Chair)

  • John Hennessy – Hennessy Group, Inc. (Vice-Chair)

  • Aaron Martinez – MillerCoors (Treasurer)

  • Dan Naumann – Great Lakes Commercial Sales (Secretary)


  • Rana Altenburg – Office of Public Affairs, Marquette University

  • Kamari Green - Aurora Health Care

  • Ben Lorber - WISN

  • Pat McQuillan - Central Standard Distillery

  • Thomas (Tom) Schmitt

  • Tom Straub - CMS Construction

  • Jason Tolleson – Harley Davidson

Questions? Please contact Keith Stanley, Executive Director of Near West Side Partners, at 414-933-0640 or outreach@nearwestsidepartners.org