Landlord Compacy 2018


In 2016, the Avenues West and West End Landlord Compacts combined to form the Near West Side Landlord Compact (NWSLLC).

Avenues West Landlord Compact (AWLLC)

For 26 years this has been a meeting for landlords with property in and around the boundaries of 27th Street east to I43 and I94 north to Highland. 

West End Landlord Compact (WELLC)

Since 1992 this has been a meeting for landlords with property in and around 35th street east to 27th and I94 north to Vliet. 

Avenues West Safety & Security Task Force (AWSSTF)

For more than 20 years this meeting of safety and security professionals of the Avenues West neighborhood met to work on programming to increase safety in the community. 

NWS Landlord Compact


The Landlord Compact meetings are a tool for multi-unit property owners in the near west side of Milwaukee to learn and engage in best practices. Representatives from the Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services, Safe and Sound, Near West Side Safety Ambassadors, the City Attorney and the District Attorney provide updates and resources for dealing with nuisance properties and challenging tenants. 


The Near West Side Landlord Compact meets every second Thursday of the month 1:00PM -2:00PM. There is no December meeting.



Ambassador Inn
2301 W. Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee, WI 53226

The Ambassador Inn is on the southwest corner of 23rd Street and Wisconsin Avenue and it is across the street from the Ambassador Hotel. Parking is available at the Ambassador Inn parking lot.

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  • WeTip Line: 1-800-78-CRIME

  • Police Department Nonemergency (414) 933-4444

  • City Attorney’s Office (414) 286-2601