Near West Side Partners supports safe driving throughout the City of Milwaukee and beyond. We can all do our part to increase safety in our neighborhoods. You can start today by doing these ten things: 

1. Obey traffic laws and never compete or try to stop a reckless driver while you are driving.

2. Be vigilant and protect yourself by watching out and avoiding those who drive recklessly.

3. Be observant and when you see a person breaking driving laws remember as much as possible including the vehicle’s make, model, color, license plate number and a description of the driver.

4. Document trends in your community. If you notice someone consistently breaking driving laws, document by calling into the police and accurately describing the car and driver and the times of the day.  The police can use this information as they build a case against consistent reckless driving.

5. Call your alderperson or Near West Side Partners for yard signs that encourage drivers to slow down and put them in your yard.

6. Talk to your alderperson about installing speed humps in your neighborhood and understand that there is a cost to speed humps.

7. Talk to your alderperson or police district community liaison about additional police enforcement for intersections that have proven to be dangerous. 

8. Talk to your neighbors about coordinating your efforts on documenting and calling the police on consistent reckless drivers in your neighborhood. Make sure to report potentially stolen or abandoned vehicles immediately. 

9. Encourage elected officials to support driver’s education in local high schools and stricter enforcement on vehicular theft.

10. Please share this video and use #KeepMKEStreetsSafe to get the word out on your social media platforms.