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Live Work Play

Near West Side Partners is excited to offer incentives to assist employees of Near West Side businesses with the purchase of homes in the seven Near West Side neighborhoods. The Live, Work, Play Program provides funding to help prospective homeowners purchase homes they will occupy as their primary residence. Both financial and technical assistance are provided as part of the program. Five (5) fully forgivable down payment incentives up to $3,000 are available to assist eligible home-buyers with the purchase of homes in the seven Near West Side neighborhoods. The program is being administered by Near West Side Partners, with support from Housing Resources, Inc. and
ACTS Housing.


1. Employee submits completed applications to NWSP

2. NWSP verifies eligibility with human resource department

3. Qualified applicants receive an eligibility letter and information for housing resource provider

4. Applicant works with housing resource provider to complete home-buyer readiness program, assess financial readiness and begin the home-buying process

5. Applicant works with preferred agent and pre-approved lender to complete the home-buying process

6. Prior to closing, NWSP verifies compliance with requirements

7. Incentive is presented to applicant at closing 

For questions or more information on how you can be a part of this exciting initiative, please contact Lindsey St. Arnold Bell at or call (414) 933-0640.